Once.  2009 - ongoing    “And all of it appears in front of the camera just ONCE,  and every photograph turns this once into an eternity.  Only THROUGH  the captured picture does time become visible  and in the time span  BETWEEN the first shot and the second  the story emerges,  a story that, were it not for these pictures,  would have slipped into oblivion  for the same eternity.”  Wim Wenders
  Poetical Space.  2010
  Remains.  2013
  The Delta Project.  Lithography, 2013
  Traces.  Transfer process, 2014.
  Sunday Afternoon.  Transfer on tracing paper. 300 x 70 cm. 2014
  Del Este reconstructed.  Photo transfer, screen printing and drawing, 46x76 cm, 2015.
  Concrete rocks . Drawing, screen printing, photo transfer and collage, 2016.
  IN/concrete reconstruction.  Cardboard, collage, tape and projection, 2016.
 Hackney, London. 2010